$ 995.00 USD

Meg for Fauxgerty is our mini series of one-of-a-kind, hand-painted garment from artist, Meg Ebaugh-Faris. Each piece is developed and painted in Saint Louis. Available in one size that fits between a medium and large.

A note from the artist:

Light-headed with all of the day’s [read: life] decisions indecisiveness. The circle is a symbol for fire – the lightest of elements = my representation of yearning, meditating on feeling unburdened. Yoni Yantra [triangle] = “intended to convey spiritual insight to those who sit still and contemplate it” = looking to be guided on how to do the former…to feel unburdened, unstressed, to relax and go with the flow…taking what comes our way without losing one’s shit.

Through the use of symbols, imagery and items from the everyday brain download, she lays down a conglomeration of whatnot. The main goal has been achieved when the smorgasbord makes sense to her. But, the real gratification comes when the viewer identifies with it as well. Score.

Taking care of this little beaut:

Note, this piece is hand-painted and needs to be washed with care. While the paint is sealed, we cannot guarantee it will not wear with washing, so we suggest only spot-cleaning this garment.


Outer shell is 70% polyurethane and 30% polyester. Lining is 100% polyester and embroidered with the collection’s title “Meg for Fauxgerty”.

Sierra is 5’9″ | Dress Size: 2 | Bust: 32″ | Hips: 34″

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