Our Mission

At Fauxgerty, we're committed to people and the planet. That means sustainable fabrics, ethical factories, and a team that feels like family.

Quality over Quantity.

Our goal is to empower women to shop consciously and consider the impact of every purchase. With that in mind, we create long-lasting pieces that can be worn with the closet you’ve already built. Our design team makes easy-to-wear, stand-out silhouettes. We sample each piece in multiple sizes to ensure the fit translates from 00 to 24, seamlessly. Our goal is to design garments that adapt to lifestyle, body type and personal style.

New York pop-up

“We look at each garment with the intention of it adapting to the woman who wears it:
day-to-night, dressed up or down, and always flattering to a variety of body types.”

– Chrissy Fogerty, Founder & Designer

Smarter, better materials.

We're always on the prowl for innovative fabrics that look good, feel great, and minimize our footprint. From repurposed materials to vegan leathers and suedes, our sustainable materials are a big part of who we are. Most of our vintage fabrics cannot be replaced. So, while our silhouettes restock, most colors and prints are exclusive.

Certified Organic Cotton

We choose Certified Organic Cotton in our bodysuits and tees because it means the crop isn't treated with pesticides, insecticides, herbicides or GMOs. This supports a healthier ecosystem for farmers, the wildlife surrounding the crop and you.

Deadstock Vintage

We rescue leftover fabric, otherwise destined for a landfill, to create pieces in vibrant colors and patterns. This process has allowed us to upcycle thousands of yards of fabric.

Suede Alternative

Our faux suede may feel familiar. Eco-friendly car brands like Tesla use the same sustainable fabric to create comfy, durable seats. Our suede alternative is also extremely durable and weather repellant, giving it a long life of wear.

Leather Alternative

We use a PVC-free leather alternative that has minimal environmental impact. It uses post-consumer recycled content in the fabric and won't peel or crack. The fabric is stain resistant, lending itself to be a piece you can wear daily.

Why Garments Sell Out.

You may notice many of our pieces sell out. Don't get frustrated - it's all for a good reason. Because we upcycled vintage fabrics, many of our pieces are made in limited runs. While our fabrics are seasonal, our silhouettes are not. Our styles, like The Amber Jumpsuit and The Frannie, will continue to re-introduce themselves in new colors and patterns. If you find a style that fits you like a glove, keep an eye out for it's revival in a new hue.

Jon Keating, COO

We create pieces  on-demand, with a goal of zero unsold inventory.
This means, we make the garments our customers want while reducing waste.

A person behind
every piece.

On average, it takes 2 hours to sew a

Fauxgerty garment. We count on

our skilled seamstresses to transform

our fabrics into the highest quality

pieces. Our sewers in Alabama are

paid 71% over minimum wage,

are offered paid time off, health

insurance and work in a

temperature controlled facility.

Our company supports the Fashion Revolution. Learn more about it here.