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Sustainably Chic Giveaway!

We teamed up with Sustainably Chic to for a giveaway for you and a bestie. We are slightly flattered at all the kind words she had to say about Faux. 

From Sustainably Chic:


1. Their awesome aesthetic. It’s hard to not instantly fall in love with their look. It has subtle rocker vibes with a feminine & relaxed twist. If you love comfy tops and making a statement, you're going to want to get yourself into a few of their tees & sweaters. Words like 'Plantkiller' , 'Herbivore' & 'I'm Organic' are sure to get a conversation going... 

2. Their commitment to conscious shoppers & ethics. Chrissy Fogerty, the designer behind Fauxgerty {see the play on words there!?}, believes in ethical production while being mindful of resources used.

3. Their fabrics. Every garment is made right in the USA in Saint Louis and Los Angeles out of natural fabrics like hemp and organic cotton, as well as pre-loved vintage, innovative faux leathers and suedes. 

4. Their faux leather jackets. I mean, how cool are their jackets?! I'm just going to link it up  - here - so you can have a look for yourself. 

Read the full article and enter the giveaway here

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