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Founder Chrissy Fogerty in ALIVE Magazine

One of our absolute favorite publications, ALIVE Magazine, sat down with our founder, Chrissy Fogerty to discuss shaping her brand, and one's own future. Here is a glimpse at the piece:

"The quest to pull off the kind of faux leather jacket she envisioned led her to discover a treasure in the fashion industry: a material that feels nearly identical to leather, but is also sustainably produced. “If you buy faux leather in a bolt, it’s essentially plastic. Ours is made in a factory that creates green goods. PVC can be harmful—it’s highly flammable. There’s also flame retardant on typical faux leather, which is very toxic. That’s how they get that sheen that makes it look more like natural leather. The company we work with is the most sustainability-focused leather-alternative company that exists. They’re continuing the conversation we’re trying to have.”

For the full article, head to ALIVE or pick up their most recent issue!

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