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Chrissy Fogerty chats with Nicora Shoes

Founder Chrissy Fogerty chatted with Nicora shoes about sustainable fashion, the challenges of production and red wine. Here is a snippet: 

"The emergence of ethical brands is one thing that always inspires us here at NICORA. One standout as a particularly motivated, dedicated, and inspiring company is Fauxgerty. Founded by Chrissy Fogerty, determined to make a difference and design a jacket you'll never want to take off (like, really). We could not be more thrilled about her combination of high-fashion taste, mixed with effortless wearability, all while keeping production close to her heart and home in Saint Louis. We're proud to introduce her to you here, along with an unforgettable collection of classic pieces that will likely last you through the next decade. Motivated and mindful as she is, Chrissy is bringing Fauxgerty on the road with a popup in Nashville hosted by none other than Amanda Valentine on October 21st, 2017, and you can find them through November at their Venice Beach popup."

Read the full interview on their blog

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