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Ashli with an Eye at the NYC Pop UP

Chrissy Fogerty here! An old friend of mine from high school came to our Pop Up Holiday Market in New York City on December 2nd, and highlighted some features of the event on her blog. Read an excerpt below.

"Let me introduce you to the brand you need to know: Fauxgerty (psstt. there may be a special surprise for you guys at the bottom of this post. WINK). Now, i’ve been in NYC in the fashion industry coming up on 7 years (i cannot believe that!) and in my time here have worked for major leather companies like Gucci Group, Prada, Rebecca Minkoff, etc. and exposed to the unfortunate process of using real leathers. of course, one could argue that it’s softer and nicer and longer lasting and I believed those people…until I was introduced to Fauxgerty."

For the rest of the piece (and a discount code!) read Ashli's full post here.

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