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#WhyGoFaux: On-Demand Production

This week, we’re posting daily on the blog about one way we’re committed to being a leader in ethical fashion. Please follow this five-part series and let us know if you have any questions along the way. Share the #WhyGoFaux campaign imagery at the bottom of this post for a chance to win a $250 Fauxgerty gift card. Details below.  

We’ve switched up how we sew and have tailored our website. Our deadstock garments are made on demand in Alabama. We've extended our sizing to offer options from XXS-3XL. We now accept Afterpay. We still make the same silhouettes you know and love, and now they're available in extended sizes and exclusive colorways that are made-to-order.


 4. On-Demand Production
Producing on-demand allows us to create garments based on our customer’s feedback and reduce waste.
We purchase fabric that has been discarded by other sew houses, and now to reduce waste we’re taking it one step further. To achieve our goal of zero unsold inventory in 2019, all of our deadstock garments are now made-to-order. We make pieces following our demand, only producing our most popular styles and colorways. 
More than 150 billion garments are produced annually, enough to provide 20 new garments to every person on the planet, every year. From 1999-2009 the US post-consumer textile waste grew by 40%. Americans now throw away about 70 lbs worth of clothing per person, every year. Fast fashion companies overproduce and have billions of dollars worth of unsold inventory that must be thrown away at the end of each season. We tend to forget that there is really no "away" in the term "throw away." It might be out of sight, but it becomes trash that our planet was never meant to handle. By producing pieces made-to-order, we bypass this fickle cycle of abundant waste.

Reducing the over-production of finished goods cuts back on wasting fabric and unsold inventory. Manufacturing to order is even more important to us because the deadstock fabric we source is limited.

Another reason we make garments to order is that we can make a run of a certain colorway go further by producing it on-demand. For example, last year before we implemented the made-to-order model we had a couple of XS Amber jumpsuits leftover and kept getting messages from customers wanting to purchase it in a size M. Because we had already cut and sewn the XS jumpsuits and had run out of fabric, we were unable to accommodate other orders. Producing on-demand helps us to fulfill your orders. It's a more costly process for us, but also the most efficient and resourceful way of using our limited fabric. 

Made on-demand. Made for you. Made with intention. Made to feel right.


From ethical production to sustainable fabrics, we're committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our non-negotiables include domestic manufacturing, fair wages, smart fabrics, on-demand production, and recycled or reusable packaging for our goods. This is how Fauxgerty is made to feel right.

Tomorrow: Recycled & Reusable Packaging

Friends tell friends about best-kept secrets. Screenshot, or drag to your desktop, the image below and share with #WhyGoFaux by midnight, [cst] on 3/23 for a chance to win a $250 fauxgerty gift card. Winner will be announced on Sunday, 3/24.


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