Thanks for supporting us! Our last day of sales is December 2nd. Thanks for supporting us! Our last day of sales is December 2nd.
#WhyGoFaux: Made In The USA

For the next week, we’ll be posting daily on the blog about one way we’re committed to being a leader in ethical fashion. Please follow this five-part series and let us know if you have any questions along the way. Share the #WhyGoFaux campaign imagery at the bottom of this post for a chance to win a $250 Fauxgerty gift card. Details below.  

We’ve switched up how we sew and have tailored our website. Our deadstock garments are made on demand in Alabama. We've extended our sizing to offer options from XXS-3X. We now accept Afterpay. We still make the same silhouettes you know and love, and now they're available in extended sizes and exclusive colorways that are made-to-order.

1. Made in the USA

Fauxgerty has always been made in the USA since 2013, no exceptions.

We never have and never will manufacture outside of the USA. Producing domestically allows us to reduce emissions from freight and support domestic manufacturing. It’s essential for us to support our economy instead of outsourcing cheap work from another country.

Our organic cotton basics are made in an ethically responsible factory in Los Angeles. Our leather alternative outerwear is made in Chicago. Our hats are woven by hand and sewn in Nashville. Our deadstock fabric collection is made-to-order in Alabama. 

In the 1960s, 95% of clothing consumed in the USA was manufactured in the USA. Today, less than 3% of clothing consumed in the USA is manufactured in the USA. We are proud to support our region and local sewing communities rather than outsourcing work from another country. While some brands produce ethically in other countries, we believe in the importance of investing in your community and region. This is why we choose to pay a premium to sew domestically, an expense many companies choose to forgo. 



Because we are close in proximity to our manufacturers, we are guaranteed a quality product. Production mistakes can be caught early and if there happens to be a mistake in production, we correct the error instead of discarding the garment. This adds an additional labor cost and is more expensive than disposing and redoing the garment. We are invested in producing our pieces right, from start to finish. 

Our manager of product integrity, Julia, physically verifies that each garment passes our quality control test 100% before she hand packs each order and ships it out into the world. Ever have a question about fit or tracking your garment? She's also the one who handles our customer services queue. 

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees safe working conditions for American workers. By producing in the USA, we ensure that our employees are being treated fairly thanks to these domestic labor laws. If we were to outsource production from another country, we wouldn't have the same level of transparency in our workshops to guarantee that our sewer's have a high quality of life. In this way, buying products made in foreign countries actually supports violations against sweatshop workers. 



Current technologies in North America allow for cleaner, renewable, and eco-friendly practices that aren’t necessarily done in other countries, especially when it comes to sewing.

Creating a demand for products made in the USA makes a need for creating in the USA. It leads to local job creation for us and also for our future generations. It starts a need for “on-shoring,” or bringing back jobs that have been outsourced. Buying American made contributes to a brighter, more stable future for the entire country.

When you support companies that manufacture in the USA, you help strengthen our country from the inside, out.



From ethical production to sustainable fabrics, we're committed to minimizing our environmental impact. Our non-negotiables include domestic manufacturing, fair wages, smart fabrics, on-demand production, and recycled or reusable packaging for our goods. This is how Fauxgerty is made to feel right.

Tomorrow: Fair Wages

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