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We're Coming to Nashville: Meet Marcia!

We can all agree Nashville is one of the best places to visit, right?

We were there a few months back for Fashion Week and are so excited to host a pop up October 21st at the opening of Amanda Valentine's new studio. We teamed up with Marcia Masulla, founder of ROAR Nashville and co-founder of Nashville Fashion Week, to execute the event.

We will see you Saturday, October 21st from 12-6pm for music, whiskey, and snacks. Find more event details here

Learn a lil more about Marcia and why we love her.


Daily Rituals? 
Puppy dog kisses all day, 'er day.​

What can’t you get enough of right now?​ Tom Petty, books written by Roxane Gay and champagne.
Best advice you ever received. Go!​
Just let your work speak for itself.

At Faux we are values-driven. What drives you and how do you incorporate it?​
Consideration + Compassion make my world go round. Even the tiniest acts of kindness and foresight can make a mighty big impact.​ I try to be hyper-aware of how my actions and inactions effect others. From making the decision to transition to a vegan lifestyle 8 years ago to feeling the responsibility of always following through on my word, I'm a scrappy little warrior.

What do you love most about your city?​
The community spirit. There's nothing like it anywhere else on this planet. ​

Shop Marcia's favs The Lady Kate and The Sienna Mini.

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