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Our Process: Part 2 of 3

A note from the Fauxgerty studio..

Process 1 of 3 ended in a flurry of swatches, ideas, and silhouettes that now need to turn into a cohesive curation for our newest release. It takes quite a skill to turn this chaos into developed garments, and that is where our pattern maker, Alison, comes into play.

The technical side of garment construction is the most important. This is the part where we make sure the piece fits how we desire, can fluctuate to different body types and is comfortable. We pin, mark and trim pieces until they reach our favorite fit and then make them in different sizes so all members of our creative team can test drive the outfit and give it the thumbs up approval. 

Here's a look at the process of creating #TheAmberJumpsuit (named after our favorite fit model, Amber Butler!)

We started here, with sketches, swatches and trim.

Step 1: It starts somewhere like this. We make the piece out of sampling fabric, so we can make adjustments and get a feel for how the piece is going to look. 

Step 2: EDITS. We edit the garment until it feels like we have achieved the fit we are going for. For #TheAmberJumpsuit, this meant shortening the leg to be a crop, adjusting the shoulder seams and adding room to the mid-section. Once we're done editing, we cut out of the final fabric, and do another fitting to ensure the final fabric didn't change the feel of the garment. 

Step 3: We graded the jumpsuit into sizes to fit our team, so we can give it the Faux thumbs up. Here's me and my baby bump and our Art Director, Meg, in the final sample of #TheAmberJumpsuit!

When fitting a piece, we look for a few things. In our dresses, we want to make sure they accommodate smaller and larger busts, have a good cinched-in-waist and can be adaptable for day and dressier events. For jumpsuits, there has to be stretch and an easy-while-flattering fit and jackets have to be able to be layered with lots of details. When a piece checks all of our boxes, it moves into final production, which we talk about in our next post, Our Process: 3 of 3. 

If you’re in Saint Louis, come see our factory during our Factory Tour + Spring Shopping event on March 22nd. You can find details on the event page of our website or our Facebook page.


Chrissy Fogerty 


Dolma Fogerty :

Jump suit looks great. Are you maki g one that has a little more room in the stomach area for old Grandma? Also do you have a top to go with it to cover your arms?

Mar 08, 2018

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