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Our Process: Part 1 of 3

A note from the Fauxgerty studio...

The moment holiday season ended, our creative team eagerly began manifesting our newest Spring releases. We wanted to develop silhouettes we gravitate towards when the temperature starts to rise while using fabrics that reflect the new season. We are endlessly inspired by clothes you can live your life in, that can adapt with your schedule, and are as mindful in their construction as you are with your lifestyle. Here’s a peek into our process, starting with step one.

When developing new garments, we start by swatching. We visit warehouses in downtown Los Angeles that house vintage fabrics and excess yardage from design houses searching for florals, texture, linen, and classic hues. We cut swatches from anything and everything that feels like it could become a Fauxgerty favorite, and bring them back to our home base in Saint Louis. We create a mood board from the swatches, imagery, develop color stories and begin chatting through what we want to wear in the upcoming season.

This is a snapshot of what it sounds like, swirling around in my head..“So, this Spring, I have a baby shower, work events, friend’s wedding shower, and am constantly transitioning from my day job to a dinner. What can I wear to a baby shower and to a 9AM team meeting?...I am really feeling delicate prints right now, but you can’t go wrong with black...”


We funnel all of the ideas, proposed events, and debates on hemlines into a (somewhat) composed vision and bring them to our factory floor to begin drafting. Stay tuned for what it looks like when we prototype new samples, in process two.

 xo, Chrissy Fogerty

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