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Happy Valentine's Day!

On a day focused on love and gratitude, I wanted to share a little about the people I love - in the workplace. 

It has always been important to me to have company culture at the forefront of our business by creating a space for people to enjoy their work, can earn creative fulfillment, to give opportunities for self-improvement and a rewarding ambiance. Our team is very independent and come together in team meetings and brainstorm sessions to nurture the future scope of Fauxgerty. I love this dynamic, because it fosters both independent and team growth. 

But, working for a fashion brand has it's challenges. Production deadlines, shipping headaches, product development, the uphill battle of online awareness.. and we feel it. We have a small team, and when there is an issue it is often up to oneself to figure out a creative solution to solve it. That's just how it works when each department has one person in it. So, to keep my original intention in place, I wanted to pause and focus on the love that keeps us inspired. I asked some members of our team to chat about what keeps their focus in tact and how they stay positive in the workplace, when it gets a little bumpy.

"A few years ago, I was in a creative rut. I couldn't get my head out of the sand long enough to feel good about anything I was passionate about until my brother introduced me to the book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. I read it in one night and I keep it nearby at all times, in case I ever need a gentle reminder. It keeps me energized and focused on my day-to-day tasks."

"At the core of keeping love at the forefront is my family. My daughter is my number one fan and she motivates me to by my best self."

-Julia Navarro, with her daughter Zalyn, Saint Louis Brand Manager

"It’s easy to keep love at a forefront in the workplace when you love what you do, especially when you’re passionate about your company’s mission and values! Holding space for gratitude on the job also works wonders - when you count your blessings every day, you seem to have twice as much."

"Self care is a public service! There’s that saying “You can’t pour from an empty cup” - You have to carve time out to take care of yourself before connecting with others. I know I radiate even more love when I’m honoring my core needs first. That being said, I have a consistent morning routine involving tea, meditation, tarot, and exercise. By beginning my day in a grounding way, I have an ease of mind throughout the afternoon, and more positive energy to contribute to my team at work."

"Small gestures speak volumes, especially in regards to building friendships with co-workers. Surprising someone with their go-to coffee order on a Monday or asking how their weekend went seems so simple, but can mean a lot. Random genuine smiles are also contagious!"

-Katie Lawson, Content Contributor and West Coast Brand Ambassador

"I'm thankful I can give my children a positive view of what loving-what-you-do looks like. It's not often you work in a position where your kids really become part of your work life, but it's true here. It's a Faux-fam, and I'm so grateful they're growing along with it."

"Before I walk away from my bed and head to wake the tinies, feed bellies, make lunches and send them on their way, I take a few minutes to stretch and breath. And, if I have nervous energy about the day, I work to flip it on it’s head and rather think of it as excitement for the day."

"When working alone, which is most of the time, I try to remember to intentionally put a smile on my face through out the day - it’s a nice little brain trick."

"When needed or randomly, cause it feels 'oh so nice. (478 breathing, check it out, it’s good stuff: )."

"And, the easiest and best part to remember, I work with amazing people who genuinely show grace and love daily. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that I get to work with my bestest gal pal, too." 

-Meg Ebaugh-Faris, with her family, Art Director

"For me, I often feel like I am being pulled in many different directions, and when I don't keep my tasks and deadlines at a priority, I get my energy out of whack. So, I focus on setting aside time in the morning to do my personal to-do list: emails that have sat too long, longer term goals, check-ins, etc. This helps me to be present in each task I work through rather than focusing on what I need to get to next."

"I focus on gratitude a lot. Most of the time, I cannot believe how beautiful my life is with Fauxgerty in it. I am a big journal-er, which is how I process most of my emotions, and I thrive on sharing excitement with my team. I am enthusiastic about our brand, our mission, our potential and am invigorated when we get a 'win'. I also absolutely adore the people I work with. I love to sit in this bliss of having a job I get genuinely psyched about, and that is contagious. So, I bring that vibe to as many meetings and conversations as I can." 

-And, me and my baby bump, Founder and Designer

We hope you keep love at the forefront, today and always.
Chrissy Fogerty & team Faux 

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