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See you in Venice Beach: Meet Katie!
We just wrapped our first pop up event in Omaha (thank you to all the amazing people who joined us!) and are heading to Venice Beach for our month long shop at 1108 Abbot Kinney Blvd, opening tomorrow! *more details can be found here, on our Facebook event page*. 
We recruited some amazing locals to help execute our event, including Katie Lawson, who is our Visual Merchandiser in charge of making the temporary space feel very Faux. Learn a little more about Katie, making a life in a new city and the history of Beverly Hills. 
Daily rituals? 
Creating space to just be is essential. My "before breakfast self" allows me to set the tone for the entire day. First thing's first: coffee or tea. Next, I pull a card from my tarot deck and write a few pages reflecting on how my life/day can relate to that particular card- why did I subconsciously select this card, and why did this card choose me? What can I learn from it? I also sneak in a quick guided meditation session (hello, Headspace) before scurrying off to get stuck in traffic on the 405. Podcasts help dissolve time. (Most notably The Memory Palace, The Moth, On Being, Gastropod, etc) Ideally I'll exercise after work, but I'd be a liar if I said it were a daily practice. Before bed, I typically sip on a tisane of some sort (okay, sometimes it's bourbon) and read. Lately I've also been into belly breathing. 
Best advice you ever received. Go! 
"Let go or be dragged"
What can’t you get enough of right now? 
Being at home! No, but seriously. I'm a flight attendant and have just recently moved out of a flight attendant dorm in LA  and into a space of my own down in Long Beach. I'm so grateful to have a kitchen - not to mention a bedroom - all to myself! Cooking and exercising with my partner will always be a treat, considering I don't see him as much as I'd like to due to unconventional business hours. I've also just been reunited with my record collection after not having access to it for a couple of years, and it's been beyond fulfilling to revisit old albums in a new space.
At Faux we are values-driven. What drives you and how do you incorporate it? 
The spirit of adventure carries me the furthest. I'm constantly on the go and out of my element travelling for work, and that has revealed a side of myself I've never allowed myself to explore until now. After a few days of hustle and bustle, I require a day off to decompress everything I've seen and experienced - which leads to another value I've been aiming to integrate into my lifestyle: balance. When I first began flying, I was a complete over-achiever and would pick up trips on my off days or visit places just to always be go go going. Sometime's it's a little better to travel than to arrive. Though it's undeniably freeing, turns out it might not be the best thing for my overall mentality. This past year I've also focused on how everything in life is connected, and how making time to connect with myself is directly correlated with how I am able to connect with the world.
What do you love most about your city? 
Moving to Los Angeles was a complete accident for me- work required it. I HATED the idea of it, and was planning to transfer out immediately. After a month, I decided I wouldn't be leaving southern California any time soon. Each new day is a vacation. There is too much everything and it is overwhelmingly incredible: beaches, deserts, mountains, districts. Long Beach is much easier for me to digest, which is where I'm living now. It's just the right size ball of clay. I live on 4th st, known as "Retro Row" - a dynamic street full of food, drink, everything vintage, and vibrant diversity. My front door has access to so many things: I'm able to run along the beach, practice guided yoga on the bluffs, walk to the farmer's market, etc. It's a humble community that's on the grow, and I'm beyond grateful to have stumbled across it at just the right time. 
Tell us something about your city we probably don’t already know. 
The history of Southern California is so heavily saturated, but it always blows my mind to think about how Beverly Hills started out as a lima bean ranch. 
PS shop Katie's fav jacket, The Dolma Moto.

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