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Preparation for the Rooster

Happy (almost) New Year!

Chrissy Fogerty here, CEO and designer of Fauxgerty. As we end the year, I wanted to say THANK YOU for all of your support over the past year. Whether a customer, family, friend or supporter of our values, we are in complete gratitude of you. As founder, I am humbled by the support and am ever-thankful.

I am equally as grateful for the more-than-amazing team of talent behind our brand. These people are the soul of Fauxgerty and are truly authentic which shines through in all facets. Great work, Faux-babes.

As a daily practice and navigating a new year, I am looking within to lay a foundation for the upcoming year. I wanted to share some of my spiritual influencers and self-help gurus who can help lay the ground work for success in 2017. 


My first mentor was a spiritual teacher and transpersonal psychologist who exposed me to the attraction of a zen practice and raised self-awareness. One concentration was the Chinese Zodiac. 2017 is the year of the rooster, beginning on January 28th. We can say bye to the year of the monkey (and the chaos that came along with it!) and welcome the new year. Read up on the rooster here.

Spiritual Wellness

Gabrielle Bernstein is one of my main gurus. She gives an approachable delivery to understand that a daily practice is the way to invite in daily miracles. Listen to her vlog on “How to Ride the New Year’s Resolution Wave” here.  She reminds us that it is not about the goals we make, but about a daily recommitment to your goal and that, “Change occurs when you desire change”.


If reading is on your list of things to incorporate, the blog on Parsley Health offers insightful snippets to incorporate a more healthful lifestyle. If the excerpt resonates with you, pick up the full book and add to your reading list. Read the tips here

I hope you have a beautiful celebration of the New Year and 2017 brings you much happiness, awareness, and all the blessings.

XO, Chrissy

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