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DRINK UP: Holiday Detox

Making Minty Green Juice for a Holiday Detox

In the weeks since we celebrated Thanksgiving with all our favorites: baked sweet potatoes sprinkled with cinnamon, savory roasted Brussels sprouts, hearty butternut squash soup (more on that recipe later). Now, with both our event calendars and our waistlines feeling more full than usual, we’re giving our bodies a break before the next holiday rush with a smooth, sweet and nutrient-packed drink recipe, Sherrie Castellano’s Minty Green Detox Juice.

Castellano, a former health coach and blogger in St. Louis, learned to cook from the matriarchs in her Italian family. “We never followed recipes,” she writes on her award-winning food blog With Food + Love, “we just cooked with our hearts and tasted as we went along.” Castellano shows her Italian heritage in her Minty Green Detox Juice recipe, which calls for Lacinato kale, a sweeter, softer leaf than curly kale with a long tradition in Tuscan cooking.

One ingredient in particular makes this green juice perfect for a holiday-time detox: mint. Castellano’s recipe calls for a small bunch of mint, bringing a cool, sweet taste to the combination of cucumber, celery, parsley, apple, lime and kale.

Find the Minty Green Detox Juice recipe (along with three other delicious juice recipes you’ll hear more about later) on Castellano’s blog With Food + Love.

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