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Our Process: Part 3 of 3

A note from the Fauxgerty studio..

We have conceptualized, drafted, sampled and approved our newest styles. At this point, our creative team is *very* excited and antsy about releasing the newest silhouettes. But, we have a few tasks to accomplish before we can publish new products, which we are going to outline in the last part of Our Process. PS, a sneak peek of new goodies is included!

Our factory, located in Saint Louis, takes our samples and begins cutting and sewing the final pieces. It takes roughly two weeks to cut and sew the 230+ units in our newest release with six full time seamstresses and one pattern maker. All of our pieces are individually sewn, ensuring all of our details are included and sewn to our standards.

Meanwhile, we begin working on a photoshoot to capture the clothes and release them on our website. We work with our longtime favorite photographer, Attilio D'Agostino, in his Saint Louis studio with models that exude our vibe. 

Here's a sneak peek at what's to come, launching online March 19th! 

The Amber jumpsuit in blue (we only made *four*!)

The Billie Jean linen button down shirt

The Marianne in black

INSIDER ALERT: if you are a subscriber on our email list, you get first access to new pieces. Subscribers will be alerted of new product on Sunday, March 18th, before we announce on social media. *Since we use vintage fabrics, when we sell out, they are likely gone for good, so be sure to sign up at the bottom of our homepage!*

Thanks for joining us as we take you behind the scenes of Faux.


Chrissy Fogerty




THE JUMPSUIT! Please make more! <3

Mar 14, 2018

Jo Kiefer:

Love the Marianne black dress. Looking forward to your new fashions.
Good luck!

Mar 13, 2018

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