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Omaha Pop Up Shop: Meet Jessica!

We are kicking off our Pop Up Series in Omaha this weekend! The city is such a creative and artistic hub and we are eager to meet new faces, sip on lots of iced caffeine at Beansmith Coffee Roasters and talk conscious consumerism. We have enlisted our Omaha Brand Ambassador, Jessica, to host the event, collaborating with locals such as Bountiful Blossoms Bee Company, Carousel Kitchen, Greenhouse Omaha, and Fisheye Kombucha. 

You're going to want to learn more about Jessica, who is likely the coolest environmentalist we have ever met. 

Daily rituals? 

Mornings are my favorite. I love to wake up early, brew a pot of coffee, and take my time with my skin care and make up while I caffeinate and listen to podcasts. Right now I am loving Stuff You Should Know, The Slow Home Podcast, and 99% Invisible. During the semester, there is a cute little garden on campus where I go to eat lunch every day. I always sit on the same bench. I try to put my phone away and take a break from studying and work, when I can. It took me a long time to realize everything doesn’t need to be centered around productivity. Routine can feel boring and restrictive, generally speaking, but I find a lot of contentment in being alone. Life gets hectic and it’s important to me to find ways structure it into my day. 

Best advice you ever received. Go!

Wear your favorite dress, buy the flowers, take the scenic way home, go meet your friend for that drink. Find little ways to celebrate every single day. Don’t wait for an occasion or excuse to do the small things that make life feel a bit more joyful and special. Sometimes those things are really all you can do for yourself, and that’s okay.

What can’t you get enough of right now?

SZA’s new album, Ctrl. Also, sweet potatoes for breakfast.

At Faux we are values-driven. What drives you and how do you incorporate it?

I think life in and of itself is really beautiful and I guess that’s what motivates me. I hold a lot of reverence for the people, the life, and the world around me. It upsets me to see it all commodified. Though I have always been interested in environmental issues, I chose to pursue sustainability as a career path when I realized what a large impact environmental issues have on other people and how little is being done to mitigate it. For me, at the end of the day, life is about people. When you strip everything else away, that’s really what we’ve got here–each other. We need to take care of one another and this planet we all live on. 

What do you love most about your city?

This city holds such a big space in my heart. When I graduated high school and moved away, I thought I would never come back. It took my leaving to understand why this place is so special to me. Omaha is small enough to foster widespread sense of both community and accountability, but large enough to give people room to grow. I think all of those things are very important. This city has played a huge role in the person I am today, and I am grateful for that.

Tell us something about your city we probably don’t already know.

The thrifting here is top notch! Being a smaller city, you can find great deals and inventory never feels picked over. If you’re ever visiting, e-mail me for some of my fav spots ♡

Are you coming? (We hope so!). Be sure to RSVP to Jessica at


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