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MEATLESS MONDAY: Vegan Toasted Cashew Ginger Bites

It’s a shame adults think they have to outgrow snack time. At Fauxgerty, we’re always sharing nibbles from favorite vegan recipe with whoever’s in the shop. There’s nothing more energizing than sharing a plant-powered snack with friends.

So these Toasted Cashew Ginger Bites are a real treat because they’re not just fun to eat—they’re fun to make. Anna Beck, who posted the recipe on her baking blog Urban.Apron., calls them “my weakness.”

“I treat myself to healthy ingredients when I make these—splurging on organic raw cashews, Medjool dates, fresh ginger root and organic coconut oil,” Beck says. “I keep them plain, or it’s fun to roll them in shredded toasted coconut or chopped roasted pecans. So try a little of both.”

These bites are gluten-free, added sugar-free, paleo, vegan, Whole30-approved and really, really tasty. We follow Beck’s instructions closely, especially this last serving suggestion: “Keep it healthy and fresh this week. Give to others but also take the time to treat yourself well.”

Find the whole recipe for Toasted Cashew Ginger Bites on Urban.Apron.

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