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MEATLESS MONDAY: Raw Fig-Walnut Snack Squares

Okay, we’ve all been there. We’re hungry, we’re busy, and we give in to that *slightly* overwhelming temptation to reach for a box of prepackaged fruit-and-nut bars. But no matter how “natural” some of these brands may be (and some of them not so much – hello, greenwashing) – none are as delicious as those we make ourselves.

Wait, you say. I’m grabbing that box because I have zero time. Trust us: we know. Who has time to embrace her inner Barefoot Contessa and toil over handmade fruit bars all afternoon? Not you, not us, and this is precisely why we are in *love* with these Raw Fig-Walnut Snack Squares from Anna over at Urban.Apron. If you have three minutes, a food processor, and a pan, you are in business.

Anna’s recipe calls for one-and-a-quarter cups of raw walnuts; a cup of unsweetened dried figs; four large, pitted dates; a quarter cup of unsweetened, shredded coconut; some cinnamon; nutmeg; and sea salt. Just throw it all into the food processor until the mix is sticky but still has some small pieces, press the mixture into a parchment paper-lined pan, and pop the pan into the freezer for thirty minutes (don’t worry, you can totally use those 30 minutes to get something else done). A half-hour later: voilà, these nut and fig-studded beauties are the stars of snack-time.  

Find the whole recipe for Raw Fig-Walnut Snack Squares on Urban.Apron.