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MEATLESS MONDAY: No-Recipe Minestrone Soup

We’re always looking for a tasty solution to the mid-afternoon slump, preferably a nutritious vegan recipe we can whip up over the weekend and snack on all week. Several of our favorites (Lemony Green Sorrel Smoothie, No-Bake Spiced Fig Bars) have made it onto the blog.

But as winter bears down on us, we are craving foods that warm us from the inside out, like Sherrie Castellano’s No-Recipe Minestrone Soup. Any other time of year, a thick-and-hearty soup would be a dinnertime dish, but Castellano convinced us to add it as a life-giving afternoon snack.

“I am not a fan of dried fruit, nuts, seeds and other commonly known ‘healthy snack’ foods. I don’t find them filling or life-giving,” Castellano writes on her cooking blog With Food + Love. “But a bowl of soup is nourishing, nutrient-dense, and super satisfying..It’s kind of like a bonus meal.”

Castellano learned to cook minestrone soup from her Italian family. “I mastered it in college, and it is still my most cooked thing as an adult,” she says. “No-recipe minestrone is super forgiving, and it gives you an opportunity to use up all the produce you have on hand that is on its way out.”

Find the whole “recipe” for No-Recipe Minestrone Soup on With Food + Love.