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MEATLESS MONDAY: Loaded Spring Fries with Green Goddess Tahini

Sherrie Castellano developed this recipe during her first winter in St. Louis, when she was missing all things green. With her garden dormant and the farmer’s markets closed, Sherrie turned to the kitchen for comfort -- and there’s nothing more comforting than loaded fries.

St. Louis is Fauxgerty’s home and headquarters, so we get the need for green. Sherrie’s recipe for Loaded Spring Fries with Green Goddess Tahini is perfect this time of year. Russet potato fries make the perfect base for all the verdant toppings we can find: sprouts, chives, cilantro, parsley, whatever.

Then there’s the green tahini, made with parsley and almond milk. “This sauce is the bomb dot com,” Sherrie writes on her blog, With Food + Love. “I’m totally addicted to it right now. It makes a big batch so you will have some left over.”

These loaded fries take about 45 minutes to make and serve four (“or two if you really want to be splurgy, NBD,” Sherrie says.) Find the whole recipe on With Food + Love.

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