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MEATLESS MONDAY: How To Make Your Own No-Bake Pecan Pie Bars

Is it weird that we already miss the holidays? Well, not so much the family drama or the long shopping lines or the stressful travel. What we’re really missing are the smells and flavors that make us feel all warm inside just as the temperature outside starts to drop.

We’re easing the transition out of the holiday baking season by keeping our kitchen stocked with Homemade Pecan Pie Larabars, based on a recipe from Anna Beck’s baking blog Urban.Apron. These no-bake bars are sugar-free, grain-free, dairy-free and packed with protein. Plus, they taste just like the pecan pie LÄRABAR sold in stores.

“In law school, I found myself eating them while running from class to the gym,” Beck says on her blog. “Now, they serve as a mid-day snack any day of the week.”

We love how easy Beck’s recipe is to make, but most of all, we love how they remind us of Thanksgiving Day dessert (without the tryptophan nap afterwards.) When dark and cold January days get you down, reach for one of these.

Get the recipe for Homemade Pecan Pie Larabars on Urban.Apron.

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