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MEATLESS MONDAY: Cinnamon Sweet Potato Granola with Millet and Chia Seeds

There’s so much more to the sweet potato than the sticky, marshmallow-topped side dish we’re served over the holidays. For example, who knew sweet potato and granola make a delightfully tasty combo? We’re starting off the new year by whipping up this delicious granola to cure us of any leftover holiday humdrum.

The recipe, from cooking blog With Food + Love by Sherrie Castellano, combines nutrient-dense foods including rolled oats, chia seeds, coconut oil and pepitas with ground tortilla chips and warm spices for a crunchable, munchable snack or yogurt/smoothie topping. Castellano uses sweet potato chips instead of regular tortilla chips for added salt and sweetness.

“This granola is too easy and too good,” she writes. We agree.

Find the recipe for Sweet Potato Granola on With Food + Love.

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