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MEATLESS MONDAY: Breadcrumb Brussels Sprouts with Sage and Shallots

Brussels sprouts are so much more than a side dish. Combined with toasted breadcrumbs, this recipe from With Food + Love makes for a cozy and richly satisfying meal—one that only takes half an hour to make. “It’s the best thing I’ve eaten in a really long time,” says With Food + Love blogger Sherrie Castellano, “and I don’t generally say that about my own food.”

Castellano’s recipe calls for the roasted Brussels sprouts to be tossed with a warm dressing of olive oil-sautéed shallots, sage and toasted breadcrumbs. “It basically tastes like stuffing, only less bread-y,” she says. We tend to agree, though we double the amount of breadcrumbs when we this up; that’s what happens when you live in St. Louis with so many delicious artisan bakeries around.

Pro tip: When cooking with Brussels sprouts, remember to trim them closely. The taste lives in the bright green leaves, so discard any that are browning and slice off as much of the white-ish stem at the bottom as you can. This will make the roasting process much easier and more uniform.

Find the whole recipe for Breadcrumb Brussels Sprouts at With Food + Love.

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