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Look Good, Feel Good, <i>Do</i> Good: The Energy and Inspiration Behind Fauxgerty

Whether you acknowledge it or not, everything you do has energy attached to it. It’s in what you eat, what you choose to consume, who you surround yourself with and yes – even what you wear.

This is the spirit that animates Fauxgerty. As our CEO and designer Chrissy Fogerty likes to joke, no one was surprised when she decided to get into the fashion industry. A self-admitted clothes hoarder, Chrissy has been attracted to garments for as long as she can remember. But, as she stocked her closet with vintage pieces, designer clothes and everything in between, she couldn’t help but be filled with questions that went far beyond aesthetics. What happens to your discarded items when you clean out your closet? What are the conditions like for the person making them? How can a store charge ten dollars for a piece, considering that at least five dollars is profit?

Chrissy recently sat down with Treehouse Networkshop’s Wes Hoffman to share how these concerns inspired Fauxgerty. As she became more and more immersed in the world of fashion, Chrissy explains, she wanted to connect her outward life with the mindfulness she tried to cultivate in the other facets of her life. Fauxgerty is her effort to bring the outward and inward into alignment.

In this sense, Fauxgerty is about much more than making sustainable garments – it’s about living consciously and holistically and not having to cast aside one aspect of ourselves in pursuit of another. It’s about being able to reinvent your style is a mindful way. It’s about adorning yourself in the confidence that the garments you wear have been ethically produced at every step of the process while aligning yourself with a positive energy flow. And yeah, it’s about the clothes, too.

Check out Chrissy’s interview with Wesley on the Treehouse Lifestyle podcast.

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