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Learning How To Be a High Vibe Friend

For us, the week between Christmas and New Year’s is always a time of reconnection. Old friends from all over the country come back home to celebrate the holidays with family, and we all make time to sneak away to our favorite watering holes to remember the good times.

So Gabby Bernstein’s video tutorial “How To Be A High Vibe Friend” came in handy this week. Bernstein—a best-selling author, yoga/meditation instructor and life coach—reminds us that we can choose what kind of energy we project, especially around those we love. We can opt to preach affirmations over gossip, to stay positive instead of playing the victim.

“If you see people going down that road of negativity, down that story of, ‘I can’t’ or, ‘I don’t want to,’ or gossip or judgement, change the conversation,” Bernstein recommends in her video. “Redirect. Start talking about what you do have, start talking about all you’re grateful for. Start talking about the good things that are going on in your life or compliment the person. Point out something that’s great about them. Immediately, your energy can elevate that connection and redirect that entire conversation.”

For more advice on how to break out of the low-vibe cycle, check out Gabby Bernstein’s video “How To Be a High Vibe Friend.”

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