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#GalsWeDig: Meet Leah of @greengirlleah


We’re beyond halfway through the year, how does that feel? Have you taken time to check in with yourself and with what you’d envisioned 2019 to behold for you? Remember it’s never too late to recalibrate, pivot, or take a few steps back to get right on track. 

In the spirit of post-solstice wellness, we bring you another edition of #GalsWeDig. You know that feeling you get when you come across someone who just makes you feel GOOD to be around? That’s how we feel about Leah Thomas of Green Girl Leah

Leah is an advocate for radical self-love, social justice, and living minimally. She encourages others to lead with empathy, curiosity, and compassion, instead of judgment and comparison. And Leah’s corner of the internet is exactly where we want to be. 

What draws us in to Leah’s blog besides her glowy, natural disposition is her dynamic range of green living and wellness content: poetry, journal posts, and even an advice column about life, love, and wellness. She’s a STL native who now lives in Southern California with a degree in Environmental Science + Policy and a focus on Environmental Justice. Leah works full-time at a sustainable apparel company, and in her free time enjoys being in nature, camping, exploring, and writing. 

Without further ado, see below to get to know more about Leah.



Tell us about the evolution of your blog, Green Girl Leah. How did you get started, and has anything shifted to get it to where it is today? 

At first, my blog was called Green Girl Food and I only posted about plant-based food, but as my diet changed and I realized I actually don’t make acai bowls that much, I switched the focus to include more about sustainable living in general and what I’m up to. It’s had a lot of shifts and I see a few more coming in the near future. Whenever I feel like I’m not being truly authentic to myself then I try to change my approach a bit so it’s more fulfilling and meaningful. Even if that means losing some followers and gaining others that are interested in different content. It's been a fun 2.5 year journey!  

How do you remain inspired?

Inspiration comes in waves for me and I’ve had to seek it out more and more. I went to a workshop with the poet Cleo Wade and had an ah-ha moment when she reminded us to continuously goal set, even if they’re small goals like “I want to write 3 articles on x this month” or “I want to go to yoga once a week”. Having mini-goals and stretch/big-goals keeps me feeling inspired. Also, being honest about what I’m passionate about and being authentic keeps me inspired. It’s really hard for me to work somewhere or do projects that aren’t connected to social-good or environmentalism, so I decided to just…not do that! 

Coffee or Tea?

I prefer tea. Occasionally I’ll do a mocha if it’s extra chocolatey and less coffee-y. 

Do you have any daily rituals, or are you energized by spontaneity?

I love to wind down by lighting candles in my room, dancing around and playing good music. My me time in my room helps me re-charge and breathe which keeps me going the next day.  

What can't you get enough of right now?

I’ve been on a serious yoga-kick. It’s really changed my life and I try to go 2-4 times a week when I can. It’s been great for my overall wellbeing and happiness.



Favorite place you've traveled?

This is hard, but honestly my recent trip to Mendocino, CA was one of my favorites. It was so beautiful and I went to a small wedding on a cliffside overlooking the ocean. I felt really humbled amongst all the trees, farmland and ocean and it made me really happy and present in the moment. 

The best advice you've ever received?

My spunky great-grandmother randomly told me “Don’t chase a man” when I was in high-school and that’s been really helpful advice. “Don’t chase” is hard for me because I’m a go-getter in most areas of life, but I’ve learned to let go of things that are out of my control and to resist the urge to force. Whether that be a job, a friendship or a man. What’s for you, will be for you and that’s that! 

What do you love the most about your corner of California?

I currently live in Carpinteria, CA (about 15 minutes from Santa Barbara) and it’s exactly what I’d want in a town. It’s a small beach town with a small antique mall and great local shops. Being from Missouri and having lived in rural Kansas, I prefer small towns that are close enough to big cities. Plus there’s an alpaca farm 5 minutes from my house so I can’t complain. 

Describe your style in 3 words.

70’s, earthy, practical 

What does a conscious consumer look/feel like to you?

A conscious consumer is someone who tries their best to shop with people and the environment in mind. This can be making the choice to bring reusable bags to the store, to only shopping for clothes that are made ethically and sustainably.  

What changes in the fashion industry do you hope to see within the next decade?

I’d hope fair trade and sustainable manufacturing practices become more of the norm and expected for brands. There’s a lot of consumer pressure to innovate in these areas because gen z and millennials are more likely to purchase from mission-based companies. I’ve also seen fast fashion mainstream stores start adding “conscious” and “eco-friendly” collections or projects which is a good sign. Hopefully, in the next decade, some major chains will either close or radically change the way they pollute the earth and exploit labor in their supply chain.



Thanks Leah, for taking a moment to answer our #GalsWeDig Q + A. Wanna to stay in touch with Leah's wellness journey and green beauty musings? Check out her blog here and give her a follow on Instagram.

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