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#GalsWeDig: Meet Jess of @jesswithless

We all know Instagram is a highly visual platform. Do the accounts we follow influence us, or do we influence the accounts we follow? It’s undeniably both. We stumbled upon the IG feed of @jesswithless last summer and became instantly smitten with her minimal style and aesthetic. Jess's content is more than just physical. It’s authentic and intentional, and we are 100% here for the zero waste tips and style tricks she’s got up her sleeve and is kind enough to share with her blog readers.

Real talk: the fauxgerty team had a fangirl moment back in September when Jess posted a picture of herself wearing The Amber Jumpsuit while participating in a tap water challenge. We knew a Jess in Baltimore had purchased a jumpsuit, but we didn't realize it was THAT Jess. The fact that someone we admire from afar sought out one of our pieces was such a delight and is proof that the internet brews a certain type of magic that brings like-minded folks together. 

Wanna get to know more about Jess? Check out her #GalsWeDig session below.

How do you remain inspired?

I follow so many amazing and creative women online that are working hard to change the fashion industry, and that keeps me excited and inspired to keep sharing and hopefully inspire others!

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, coffee, coffee!

What are some of your most significant challenges, and how do you overcome them?

Honestly, jealousy! I also feel like I could be doing more and be better and am terrible and always comparing myself to others. It's definitely something I'm working on, learning to be patient and grateful for where I am at.  

Do you have any daily rituals, or are you energized by spontaneity?

A little bit of both, my work schedule is forever changing but I enjoy slow mornings. I get to sit and think, drink my coffee slow, and plan out things I want to accomplish that week/month.

What can't you get enough of right now?

Palo Santo, its one of my favorite smells! We have a stick in almost every room in our house!




Favorite place you've traveled?

Iceland! No place quite like it, such a small quiet country but so beautiful and peaceful. I felt like I was on the moon! 

The best advice you've ever received?

Never compare your beginning with someone else's middle.

What do you love the most about Baltimore?

The people I have met are amazing, and it's not too big of a city so it has a little small town charm to it. 

What does a conscious consumer look/feel like to you?

Someone that doesn't buy with impulse and makes educated purchases. Fashion can be fun and should be, but we need to be aware of what goes on behind the scenes of a garment before we hand over our money. 

What changes in the fashion industry do you hope to see within the next decade?

So many things! But one would be is how things are packaged, I'd love for us to completely shift away from plastic packaging. 


Last week, Jess went on a cruise in the Bahamas with our woven straw hat! In true @jesswithless fashion, see below for a few tips to reduce waste while in vacation mode. 

  • Pack lightly. The less your carry-ons weigh, the less fuel needed. 
  • Recycle whenever possible. Don't bring rubbish onto the ship or plane, if you could dispose or recycle it on land.
  • Reduce plastic usage. Bring a refillable water bottle, avoid using straws, and bring your own tote bag. Pack your own toiletries.   
  • Only use energy if you need it. Unplug items from outlets when not in use. Don't leave any lights on. Open your window or patio instead of using the AC.
  • Reduce water usage. Take short showers. Reuse pool and shower towels. Opt out of housekeeping- do you really need fresh bed linens every single night?
  • Investigate cruise companies before booking your cruise. See how each line deals with sewage and wastewater, if they use "shore power" when available, if their electricity is low energy, if they use environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and how the food is sourced, etc. Pro Tip: Most cruise lines have environment and sustainability sections on their websites, so you can find out if they do anything to combat emissions and reduce their impact. 



Thank you Jess, for taking time out to participate in our q + a! Still want to read more? Check out Jess's blog here, and be sure to follow her on instagram, @jesswithless.


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