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#GalsWeDig: Glow Girl Jessie De Lowe

Jessie De Lowe is a true renaissance woman who inspires us through her continuous development of all potentials. She's a manifestation coach, art therapist, certified yoga instructor, podcast host, consultant, and co-founder of the lifestyle and wellness platform, How You Glow. She lives by the sea in Santa Monica, with her husband, Brian, + their darling daughter, Amelie. We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to pick her brain in our latest edition of #GalsWeDig.

How do you remain inspired? What drives you, and how do you incorporate it into your lifestyle?

I’m inspired by nature — I spend time outdoors every day and pay attention to the beauty around me. Travel is another huge inspiration; having new experiences and seeing new places is very important to me. 

What are some of your most significant challenges, and how do you overcome them? 
MY challenge is finding enough time in the day to do everything I want to do now that I’m a mom. I have a part-time nanny, which is such a blessing, but still only allows for a certain number of hours to get everything done— I have so many creative projects, really more than I have ever had before, so I do my best to be super efficient and focused throughout the day. I love that I spend half of the day with Amelie as well, it is the best of both worlds as long as I use my time wisely!! 
Coffee or Tea?
Coffee! I cherish my morning latte!! 
Do you have any daily rituals, or are you energized by spontaneity?
Daily rituals and spontaneity are both so important. Rituals ground us, while spontaneity nurtures creativity and allows us to feel free. I have the dreamiest morning routine with my family that I am so grateful for. My husband, daughter and I cuddle in bed, Brian and I drink coffee while Amelie has her bottle, and then we all eat breakfast together.  We also have an evening routine for Amelie that is super cozy as well that usually includes watching the sunset at the beach. I have a skincare routine and a workout routine, but other than that, every day is totally different, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!
What can't you get enough of right now?
Reading about relationships and love. I recently started a podcast called “Madly Forever” about relationships, so I’m completely immersing myself in the subject. 
What do you love the most about your city?
LA has the best mix of mountains and ocean as well as an incredible food scene! I love the diversity and the vastness. Despite the fact that I rarely leave my little nook of Santa Monica, I love knowing how many awesome experiences are out there. 
Favorite place you've traveled? 
So many, it's too hard to choose one. India was mind-blowing, and Japan is where my husband proposed (and where we baby-mooned!) We just got back from a month in Portugal and Spain, and we never wanted to leave! 
Best advice you've ever received?
Spread love wherever you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

What does a conscious consumer look or feel like to you?

Someone who is purposeful, intentional, and content — not consuming to fill a void, but to amplify their lifestyle. 
What changes in the fashion industry do you hope to see within the next decade? 
More sustainably made, small batch and toxin-free options! 

To learn more about Jessie and her dynamic offerings, visit her website. Check our her passion project, How You Glow, and don't forget to tune in to her podcast about the science of relationships, Madly Forever. 

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