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FAUXGERTY FIVE with Raquita Henderson

Raquita Henderson calls herself a relationship photographer, a title that embodies an approach to her art that goes so much deeper than capturing an image. For Raquita, a photo – no matter how beautiful – is actually a surface manifestation of the joy, hope, tears and belly-laughs that animate life.

Since 2007, this self-described “Creator of Awesomeness” has been telling people’s stories through her photos as the owner and lead photographer of Pinxit Photo. Whether it’s capturing a stolen moment at a wedding, freezing the instant of triumph at a competition, or identifying someone’s unique spirit in a simple head shot, Raquita seeks more than just a quality image in her photography; she seeks Truth.

We asked Raquita five questions about her work, life and art. Here’s what she told us:

Who gave you the best advice you ever received? I've gotten a LOT of really, really good advice over the years, and I think that my willingness to hear the things people want to impart to me helps me on my continued journey to success. I am always open to direction. I feel like great leaders have to be great followers, so I am always looking for great people to follow even if it’s just for that moment we are together. The person I’ve never met who has been the most influential in my world is Maya Angelou. There is a song she loved that talked about how "When it looked like the sun wasn't gonna shine anymore, God put a rainbow in the clouds." IT’S SO TRUE. So, I try really hard, even in the hard spaces, to find the rainbow. We have clouds but we also have rainbows. SO many rainbows, if you look for them. When I was young, my father told me, "No one who loves you will ever not care that they made you cry." It’s is a love lesson I have held onto all that time. The person who has had the most influence over me directly has always been my mother. She’s quick to remind me who I told her I am. And that is invaluable, because sometimes we forget in a moment who we know we are.  

What wakes you up at 3 o'clock in the morning? Peace wakes me. I can sleep worry off like nobody’s business. I'm worried? I'm going to bed. Peace wakes me every time, though. When things are going exceptionally well, you will find me up super early and meditating, or watching my kids sleep, or talking to my husband or reading some positive motivation. Peace wakes me every time. 

What did you do with your first paycheck? You know, I don't remember, but I do remember what I didn't do with it. I got my first job with the intention of buying a pair of Air Jordans. However, after all that work it seemed silly to spend it on a pair of shoes, so I didn't. I do remember buying something nice for my siblings. I've still never owned a pair. 

What are you working on? Oh, so many things. I want to launch a new blog, launch a podcast with my husband, work on my video skillset, get into pottery and letterpress, start a yoga class. I literally could go on forever. Most pressing is launching my associate program for my wedding photography business. That is what I am working on most diligently right now.  

What drives your art? Love. At the core of everything I do, love is the motivator. As a wedding photographer, I am surrounded by love stories. As a poet, I wrote about love constantly. As a woman, my life is filled with love. As a mother, as a wife, as a daughter, as a friend, as a human, as a person, I want anyone who comes in contact with me to know my response to the world is always based out of love. 

At Fauxgerty, we live by our value system. What's yours? My core values are placed heavily on balance, creativity and accessibility/approachability, and compassion. I want to be able to live the way I dream myself, so I focus on my relationships more fully. My relationship with my children is most important to me as they are becoming regular-sized humans and not tiny humans. Being aware of the work it takes to be in a healthy relationship with my partner/husband is also important. Not letting my work aspirations overwhelm me and take me away from being my own authentic self requires a lot of compassion for myself, because we are harder on ourselves than the world would ever be. 

P.S. You can view Raquita’s work here!

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