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FAUXGERTY FIVE with Kalyn McNeil

Kalyn McNeil planted the seed for her artistic persona Bloom as a teenager, when she first started recording her own music by making beats with her voice and harmonizing the way she’d learned from watching her mother, a jazz singer.

Thirteen years later, after working as a makeup artist and having a child of her own, Bloom has stayed true to her namesake by blossoming into a singer-songwriter known for her haunting voice and striking look. She released her first EP [SIN]ses and self-directed the video for her song “Raindrops” this year. Bloom’s artistic debut comes with a renewed commitment to living a cruelty-free lifestyle, and we love to see when she shows off her Fauxgerty jacket on Instagram.

We asked Bloom five questions about her work, life and art. Here’s what she told us:

What did you do with your first paycheck? Gave it to a friend as a baby shower gift.

Who gave you the best advice you ever received? My mom, Lisa: "If it doesn't feel right, don't do it. If it does, then go for it. Listen to yourself."

What are you working on? Fulfilling my soul’s purpose of creating music that I love and spreading it amongst others while staying spiritually grounded.

What drives your art? It's the only thing that I can imagine looking forward to doing for the rest of my life.

At Fauxgerty, we live by our value system. What’s yours? Communication, unconditional love, acceptance, appreciation of differences.

See Bloom’s work on Twitter @experiencebloom. Follow her on Instagram @TheBloomExperience.

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