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To Grandmother's House We Go!

The holidays are just around the corner, which means there are so many choices to be made. Sometimes it's the small stuff that gives us total decision fatigue: what we're bringing to the Thanksgiving table, who's going to get which groceries from where, and what we'll be wearing to the friends and family get together.

We reach for closet staples that are as dynamic as we are- An outfit that can carry us through any potential harvest holiday disaster: whether it's a delayed flight, icy winter weather, our uncle's political opinions, or those little jitters we get when meeting our significant other's family for the first time- we've gotta feel our best when a food-filled frenzy is involved. And comfortability is a non-negotiable for us.

Read on to see what we'll be wearing this Thanksgiving, as we hold space for gratitude and grace- and an extra helping of dessert. 

Chrissy, founder: Once the fall chill hits, I pretty much live in my Ida Trench. I’ll wear it as I venture to our family lakehouse for Thanksgiving dinner because I can crawl into it, with leggings underneath, and drive deep into the country. Plus, it’s in my bag for leg two of holiday travel, which is Omaha, and I’ll definitely layer it up! I plan to pair it up with my Everlane cashmere sweater and poppy Maxine Pant. I love the cumin and poppy color together, it’s a bright nod to autumn.

I’m also jumping into my Amber Jumpsuit in toffee layered with a turtleneck and knee-high boots for the chilly Omaha weather, where I will be visiting my in-laws. It’s perfect for floor hangs with my daughter, but still allows me to feel dressed for an occasion. Added bonus: it’s stretchy, and I know that will be necessary.

Megan, design: A recipe for comfort + pizzaz. There’s no easier combo than a long sleeved bodysuit mixed with pretty much anything else you own: pair it with your favorite jeans, skirt, overalls…

I’ll be wearing the cream mock bodysuit with our buttery mustard Amber jumpsuit. This little number is playful yet chic, and most importantly, the fabric is quite agreeable to the amount of food I’ll intake [think Joey in maternity pants on Thanksgiving]. Upping it another notch, I’ll combo it with my plaid heels that I’m in love with, but don’t get to wear nearly enough. All of this to say that, yeah, in the end, I’ll probably have on my sweats and a tee while we play games, have some drinks, laugh it up, and begin the descent into Christmas movies. But hey, I’ll start the day out looking and feeling like a million bucks. That’s what Fauxgerty garments do. xo

Julia, brand manager: Being from a large family, our holiday gatherings tend to be loud and full of life. We spend the majority of our Thanksgiving trying to guess what secret ingredient was added to my Dad’s infamous stuffing recipe. Every year he would add a new ingredient and we all tried to guess what it was. We passed on the tradition as siblings have taken on the honor of hosting the holiday. By the end of the night, my face hurts from smiling and laughing so hard. This year, I think the perfect attire for Thanksgiving will be the Mustard Amber layered over the cream mock bodysuit. And with the chilly weather that will most likely be around, I’ll throw on the Cumin Ida Trench. I wore the grey Ida last year, and all of my lady family members were awing over it. The cumin color will send them over the edge with clothing envy. 

Marcia, pr: I don't know about you but when I see the Ida Trench in that gorgeous golden cumin faux-suede hue, it's the perfect Pantone for fall and with the easy fit, I will be gallivanting all over town without having to worry about that second slice of pumpkin pie that I absolutely had to have! Seriously. Throw it on over boyfriend jeans, stretchy leggings or even your favorite caftan and you are good to go girl.

The flirty Edie is a versatile frock that is the perfect little dish to take you from Thanksgiving dinner with your loved ones to heading out for a nightcap with your crush from high school... Because that's what you do when you go home for the holidays, right? And, who can say no to fun polka dots paired with tights and the Dolma, my closet staple of all staples! From day to night, Fauxgerty has got you covered this holiday season! 


Amber, fit model: For me, Thanksgiving is all about having a great time with family and friends... and eating ridiculous amounts of food! So when planning my Turkey Day outfit, comfort and chic are a must. I’m obsessed with bodysuits! They pair perfectly with the Amber jumpsuit, (my absolute fave) a skirt, or denim. You can’t go wrong! I love how they are ultra-tailored for every body type. So comfortable- and the extra stretch will definitely come in handy when I decide that second or third slice of pie sounds good. And, afterward, I won’t feel like a stuffed sausage, lol. Of course, no outfit of mine is ever complete without a hat! They are hands down the best accessory you could ever own. It adds that cool polished feel to any look, without the overkill. Cheers, Foxes! I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with the ones you love! 


Katie, content: This year, I'll be away from my STL family and friend home base for Thanksgiving. Though I'll miss my mom's stuffing and sweet potatoes, being in Southern California for Turkey day does have its perks. My partner and I will likely cook a low key meal for two and then walk along the beach for a sherberty sunset. To fancy things up a bit, I'll toss on the Swinton with sandals that I'll probably end up carrying. The Swinton's shade of coral + rust suede belt reminds me so much of old Hollywood and the golden age of Los Angeles. If there's a little chill in the air, I'll layer it with the Swazey in Olive- that's usually the last thing I grab whenever I head out the door, anyway. It's a neutral shade of green that matches anything and everything I own, and the softness of the faux suede and liner made of recycled bottles doesn't get any better. (P.S. There may or may not be a splash of Campari mixed in with the grapefruit La Croix I take to the beach- with a paper straw, of course.)


Linda, assistant brand manager: This Thanksgiving I’m wearing the Maxine stretch trousers in Poppy, the Beret, and the black Dolma Moto. The Maxines are so comfortable and stretchy but still have a polished, put-together look. The Beret adds an element of playfulness, and the Dolma is such a classic jacket that it can pull any look together. 

Alright, now that we know what we'll be wearing on Thanksgiving, it's time to decide what we'll be bringing to the table. Do you have any family meal menu traditions for Thursday? Let us know your favorite holiday recipes in the comments below! 

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