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DRINK UP: Why We’re Adding Sorrel Leaves To Our Winter Smoothie Routine

Smoothies have always been the perfect hiding places for leafy greens that are nutrient-rich but too bitter or boring to eat on the reg. But we’d never added sorrel leaves to our smoothies until we read Sherrie Castellano’s recipe on her blog With Food + Love.

Sorrel is loaded with vitamins A and C, cancer-preventing antioxidants, and other nutrients that boost the immune system, making it the perfect herb to add to our wintertime smoothie routine. Raw sorrel can have a sharp, sour taste, so Castellano balances the taste by adding lemon, avocado and almond milk to her recipe.

Don’t know where to find sorrel leaves? Castellano recommends checking your local farmer’s markets, CSA or grocery store. If you can’t find it, she recommends substituting spinach with an extra tablespoon of lemon.

“If you’ve never used sorrel before, keep your eye out for it, because once you have your first taste you will fall in love, I promise,” Castellano writes on her cooking blog.

Find the whole recipe on With Food + Love.

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