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DRINK UP: Vegan Tart Citrus Lassi

With the coldest days finally on their way out (buh-bye!), we’re celebrating the flavors of winter one last time with a Vegan Tart Citrus Lassi. Packed with plant-based protein and dreamily delicious, this creamy drink is ideal for breakfast or dessert.

Our friend Sherrie Castellano, creator of the blog With Food + Love, introduced us to making our own lassis, and this one just might be our favorite. We use almond milk to keep things vegan, plus Vanilla Silk Dairy-Free Yogurt Alternative (hi there, probiotics!).

You can use any citrus fruits that strike your fancy. Lately, we’ve been combining blood oranges and clementines for a lassi that’s as gorgeous as it is tasty. Sherrie’s recipe calls for a cup of milk, but if you prefer a thicker lassi -- the kind that you might enjoy at an Indian restaurant -- use a lighter pour of milk.

After you blend the milk, citrus, yogurt alternative, and ice, top the lassi with hemp seeds for crunch and lemon zest for extra zing. Find the recipe on With Food + Love so that you can whip up your own Vegan Tart Citrus Lassi.

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