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DRINK UP: Sippin’ on Gin and (Organic, Cold-Pressed) Juice

We love nutritious juices made from simple, organic ingredients, but let’s face it: any drink is better spiked. That’s why we love Sherri Castellano’s recipe for Gin + Juice Cocktails made from cold pressed juices and topped with all the fresh fruit and herbs we can handle.

Well, “recipe” may be an exaggeration. As Castellano explains on her cooking blog With Food + Love, “this is a really flexible non-recipe recipe.” Cold-pressed juices already contain a delicious combination of fruit juices (like carrot with apple and lemon, or apple, grapefruit, peach and raspberry,) so the cocktail instructions are simple: Choose your favorite flavors, add the gin and enjoy.

The real creativity comes in the toppings. Castellano recommends garnishing with raspberries, blackberries, lemons, pineapple or watermelon, depending on the flavor of the juice. She also adds fresh herbs, including dill, basil or lemon thyme. Since it’s still blustery out, we’re topping our wintertime cocktails with a sprig of mint.

See more ideas for garnishes and get the recipe for Gin + Cold-Pressed Juice Cocktails on With Food + Love.

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