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DRINK UP: Our Favorite Everyday Green Smoothie Recipe + Toppings

We love smoothies for the same reason we love gorgeous faux-leather jackets: They look like a lot more work to pull off than they actually are.

Our favorite recipe for a healthy-and-filling workday smoothie calls for banana and pineapple, but tbh, we tend to throw in all the fruit in the fridge: blueberries, oranges, mango. Flexibility is key to a great smoothie, says food writer Anna Beck, who sometimes adds half a navel orange to her dairy-free Weekday Green Smoothie made with spinach and spirulina powder. “You can make smoothies whichever way your heart desires. That’s what’s so fun about them,” Beck says on baking blog Urban.Apron.

Creative toppings give this substantial smoothie added texture. Beck sprinkles chia seeds and bee pollen on her Weekday Green Smoothies and eats them with a spoon. We sometimes add sliced almonds, coconut shreds, or more fruit.

Find Beck’s dairy-free Weekday Green Smoothie recipe on her blog Urban.Apron.

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