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DRINK UP: Garlic Ginger Immunity Shots

We’d hate to catch that bug that’s going around just as the holiday (and holiday party) season kicks into high gear. That’s why we brought a batch of Immunity Shots today, made from an immune-boosting power elixir from Sherrie Castellano, author of one of our favorite food blogs With Food + Love.

Castellano makes her Immunity Shots from ginger, carrots and—most important—garlic. “[Garlic] is the key ingredient here, with a long history as an immune system booster because of its antiseptic, antifungal and nutritive properties,” she writes. Castellano came up with a recipe that balances the strength of garlic with sweetness from the carrots, making them as smooth as they are healthy.

Grab your juicer and follow Castellano’s recipe for Immunity Shots on her blog With Foord + Love.