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DRINK UP: Coconut Mango Milkshakes with Chamomile and Honey

In India and Pakistan, there’s a traditional way to eat a mango that looks utterly magnificent. You start with a super ripe one, gently massage the skin until it gets really squishy, pop open the top with your finger and squeeze out the glorious nectar. It’s seriously that simple. You don’t even need a cup because you drink directly from the fruit itself. Can you imagine a more perfect way to enjoy this little pod of sunshine?

We think we may have. Though the thought of drinking mango juice straight out of the peel on a warm day sounds like the closest thing to bliss, this coconut mango milkshake from Sherrie on her blog With Food + Love may get us even closer. Sherrie came across the inspiration for this lovely concoction in Chitra Agrawal’s cookbook Vibrant India and tweaked it to match a similar version she had floating around in her archives.

The key to this shake is the addition of chamomile and honey, which infuse the mango and coconut with delicate perfume and extra sweetness. To make it, you’ll want to steep two tablespoons of chamomile tea in hot water for five minutes, then discard the flowers and let the tea cool completely. While you’re waiting, peel and cube two whole mangoes and gather one can of very cold, full-fat coconut milk, a half-cup of plain yogurt (there are several yummy vegan options out there, FYI), a quarter cup of honey and some sea salt. Combine these ingredients with the tea in a blender, refrigerate and voila: you now have a satisfying cup of sunshine – though for this one, a glass is definitely required.

You can find the full recipe for Sherrie’s Coconut Mango Milkshakes with Chamomile and Honey at With Food + Love.

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