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DRINK UP: Coconut Green Drink with Pineapple and Mint

We love green drinks. Smooth like juice but nutritious like a smoothie, green drinks keep us nourished and on the go. Sadly, St. Louis doesn’t have as many blended-drink stands as the other big cities we visit, so sometimes we have to make our own.

This week, we’re blending Sherrie Castellano’s recipe for Coconut Green Drink with Pineapple and Mint, which has the perfect combo of flavors and textures to make this healthy concoction deliciously drinkable. Castellano manages to make her nutrient-dense drink taste like “a healthy-ish, tropical-ish mojito” by starting with Silk’s Toasted Coconut + Cashew Nutchello, though you could also use full-fat coconut milk for that bright, summery taste. Then she adds mint, pineapple and flax seed for flavor.

And sometimes, she adds a special something-something. “They’d be great with some rum or vodka or gin too, like just in case you were wondering,” Castellano notes on her food blog With Food + Love. “ It's a great snack or small meal [or] mixer for booze. Really, it's up to you to make it yours.”

We’ll drink to that.

Find the full recipe for Coconut Green Drink with Pineapple and Mint on With Food + Love.

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