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DRINK UP: Cinnamon-Pear Green Drink with Apple Cider Vinegar

If you’ve never splashed apple cider vinegar into your morning smoothie, you might think we’re crazy: “Sour undiluted vinegar in my green drink? Ummmm no thanks.”

But our friend and food blogger Sherrie Castellano convinced us to try apple cider vinegar. After all, humans have used it for centuries to improve digestion, stabilize blood sugar and lose weight. “Raw, unfiltered apple cider is like my best friend,” Castellano says in her food blog With Food + Love. “A few tablespoons of this and your tastebuds and digestive system and brain will thank you.”

Now, ACV is a wintertime staple, especially as a “secret ingredient” in our smoothies (because let’s be honest, we’re not hardcore enough to drink the stuff straight.) Luckily, Castellano came up with a delicious recipe using pears and cinnamon to balance the ACV’s natural tartness.

As always, throw whatever boosters you’d like into this green drink recipe. Castellano recommends parsley, carrot tops, flax seeds or chia seeds for added flavor and nutrients.

Find the whole recipe for Cinnamon-Pear Green Drink on With Food + Love.

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