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DRINK UP: Apple-Ginger Smoothie

The internet is overflowing with fruit smoothie recipes, but two ingredients take this sweet-and-spicy juice to a whole other level: ginger and fruit skin.

We never peel the fruit before blending up an Apple-Ginger Smoothie, something we learned from recipe author Anna Beck. Peach skin is loaded with fiber and vitamins A and C, and apple rind has all that plus an antioxidant that improves lung function and protects memory.

“Don't skimp on the fiber and extra nutrients,” Beck says on her cooking blog Urban.Apron.. “Just take out the core and throw the whole thing in the blender.” (Pro tip: Do *wash* fruit carefully to remove pesticides or chemicals.)

Ginger adds even more healthful benefits (and a flavorful, spicy kick) to this refreshing recipe. The medicinal plant reduces inflammation, eases stomach pain and nausea, protects against cancer and boosts the immune system.

“I pour this into two small glasses and serve with breakfast, but you can pour it in a large glass and keep it all to yourself,” Beck says.

Find the whole recipe on Urban.Apron.

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