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DRINK UP: Afternoon Chocolate Milkshake

Is it okay to classify “enjoying a luxurious chocolate milkshake” as self-care? For the spirit, always, but for the body, well . . . sometimes that argument is a stretch. That is, until we came across this Afternoon Chocolate Milkshake from Jessie Snyder, the creative mind behind one of our fave blogs, Faring Well.

Goodbye, pangs of guilt. Hello, zero hesitation in making this delish shake whenever the mood strikes!  

Snyder concocted this plant-based shake in response to her daily cravings for magnesium-rich raw cacao powder. The cravings usually hit her in the afternoon, so her creation is a “mood-boosting, blood-stabilizing shake,” to be enjoyed as a treat.

And what a treat it is. This rich shake gets its fiber-richness and thickness from a tablespoon of whole chia seeds. At Snyder’s recommendation, we blend the seeds with one tablespoon of raw coconut butter, two tablespoons of raw cacao powder, a medjool date (pitted of course), and pinches each of salt, cinnamon, and vanilla bean. Add a cup of plant milk (Jessie recommends hemp milk, but coconut or almond milk also work just fine), two or three ice cubes, then blend it all together.

The Afternoon Chocolate Milkshake: It’s an act of self-care, and you deserve it.  

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