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DRINK UP: DIY Black Pepper + Cranberry Shrub For Holiday Cocktails

Long before the invention of refrigeration, some unidentified genius invented shrub, a vinegar-based fruit syrup, to preserve fresh fruit long past picking. Whoever she was, we’re raising our glasses to her this week with a round of Black Peppercorn + Cranberry Shrub Cocktails, made with shrub syrup and spiked with gin. Sweet and tart with an extra bite from the cranberry, this cocktail has a way of rekindling our holiday spirit.

We follow the recipe from Sherrie Castellano’s food blog With Food + Love. Castellano sweetens her shrub with maple syrup and tops with pepper. “The black peppercorn mellows cranberry’s tartness, giving it subtle, spicy, earthy tones,” Castellano writes. “Bring it to holiday parties, or stock your home bar with the shrub to have it on hand when friends pop over. I’ll be doing exactly that from now until New Years.”


Join us and get the recipe for Black Peppercorn + Cranberry Shrub Cocktails on With Food + Love.