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Behind The Seams: #TheJessSet

Introducing: The Jess Set! Our very first design partnership from #GalsWeDig. If you're new to fauxgerty, head on over to the April edition of our blog, where we've highlighted the co-designer of #TheJessSet, @JessWithLess!

We reached out to Jess in May to see if she'd be open to a new kind of brand collaboration: designing a fauxgerty garment. She replied to our inquiry with just as much enthusiasm as we had when we proposed the initial idea amongst ourselves in a team meeting: a resounding YES! 

This project was pretty straightforward, and we're so lucky that the creativity unfolded naturally! First, we picked Jess's brain about what kind of colors, fabrics, and textures she'd been enjoying lately. After that, we headed over to our favorite deadstock retailer to pull samples of fabrics that matched both of our criteria for materials. Next, we mailed Jess the swatches of fabric samples we pulled, along with a few sketches of silhouettes that were authentic to fauxgerty, while also matching Jess's eye for design, lifestyle, and aesthetic. Then, Jess gave us her feedback on each design along with suggested alterations, after gleaning a little input from her friends on IG. Lastly, we made a sample of her chosen silhouette and sent it over to her for approval. Ta-dah! #TheJessSet is born. 

In the spirit of minimalism and versatility, we figured we'd get more wear out of a two-piece rather than a jumpsuit. It's really fun to style up or down, and made to pair with what you already wear. The crop top is a reversible V-neck or crew neck and has a tie you can either knot or bow in the front or back. (Four different styles in one!)

This set is made to order in the USA, where our sewers receive over 70% of the minimum wage in Alabama and work in a temperature controlled facility. We use eco-conscious materials: from plastic-free packaging to the lowest environmental impact fabrics. By utilizing deadstock fabric, we reduce waste by not having to create anything new while limiting the amount of fabric that ends up in landfills.

Another thing about using deadstock fabric: once a bolt of our fabric has been used, it's gone. That being said, we're only able to produce about 25 sets of each colorway (navy linen and sage linen/rayon) in this run. Don't say we didn't warn you. 

See below for a little q + a with Jess, where we dive into the style inspiration and design vision for #TheJessSet!



Describe your style in 3 words.

I'll do it in two words, bohemian minimalist! 

Who are some of your favorite style icons? What do you like most about their look? 

Jane Birkin, Alexa Chung, Michelle Williams. They all have an effortless chic look that's both casual but very put together.

What are you living in this summer?  Is there anything you are tired of seeing, or a certain trend you just can't buy in to? 

Simple crop tops, I have a few that I keep in heavy rotation and like to pair with wide leg crops, sandals and a hat the top to this set will definitely fall into this rotation! A trend I just can't get into would be the Dad sneaker trend. I don't really wear sneakers in general so this one just isn't for me. 

How do you stay up to date in the fashion world?

I use Pinterest a ton for outfit inspiration! If you want a peek inside my creative brain I would definitely tell you to go check my page out!

What was the inspiration behind the fabric selection and color scheme of The Jess Set? 

I like to choose colors that can go with anything and that I won't get bored with. Navy has become one of my favorite base colors to wear since I think it looks good with just about anything. The sage green is a classic color for my wardrobe and something I find to still be a neutral since it goes with a lot of different colors.




What's your favorite thing about the Jess Set's silhouette?

I love that together it looks like a jumpsuit and who doesn't love a jumpsuit? But you can also wear it so many different ways! The top looks great with skirts, shorts, pants, anything! Plus it's perfect for traveling since you could get so many looks out of it! 

What do you love most about dressing for cooler weather, and how do you plan to transition The Jess Set into fall or winter in Baltimore? 

Add a pair of boots and a denim jacket and you're ready for a fall day! When it gets a little cooler, toss on a chunky cardigan or a jacket and you're good to go!

How are you styling it from AM to PM? 

For AM I'm wearing it with a pair of sandals and my favorite straw hat. For PM I'm adding some big earrings and a pair of heels.

What was the most fun part about this collaboration for you? 

It was a true collaboration, we both had ideas for this set and with Chrissy's design skills and my vision we came up with such an amazing piece that I think is both fun and timeless. A big focus for us was making sure it would work for all shapes and sizes. I love that you have the option to choose your size when it comes to the top and bottom, especially helpful for curvier gals that need a larger sized bottom!

50 sets. 450 + waitlisters. Made to order. Ships 7/22. Shop now. 

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