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The Look at 2017

We are proud of what we have done in 2017. As you know, we use sustainable materials,  we are cruelty-free, and our vintage dresses are your favorite silhouette. But, the thing we are most proud of are the people behind-the-scenes, dedicated to making Fauxgerty a current and timely brand while furthering the conversation on sustainability.

The production of goods can be disheartening at times, often harmful working conditions, unethical labor and unfair compensation have become an acceptable standard. Even factories in the United States, including some we have visited in Los Angeles, uncomfortably resemble a sweatshop. This was never an option for us, as a result this year we began working with a local factory in our hometown of Saint Louis to be the hub of Fauxgerty production. Now, our garments are produced two and half miles from our headquarters allowing us to closely monitor all processes while saving on freight emissions. 

This year, we also added skirts and dresses to our invenotry, all made from deadstock vintage fabric. By doing so, and making the year's best selling The Florence Midi, we saved 630 yards of vintage fabric from hitting a landfill.  

Our new line of basics, including The Bodysuit and The Muscle Tank, made of Certified Organic Cotton. This organic cotton is GMO-free which supports healthier working conditions and a safer product for consumers than conventionally-grown cotton.

Beyond the product innovations, we have our current team, our beautiful and wonderful team. The Fauxgerty team is a unit, and that includes all members - our founder, our creative team, and our sew team. It is equal parts of these members who make Fauxgerty the brand it is, pouring love and intention into each garment, and bringing it to our customers. 

Our sewers are paid 36% more than the average regional wage for seamstresses. They receive paid time off and vacations. We are proud of our team and appreciate each member for their priceless contribution.

We are the people who make your clothes. We are proud of our team, our ethics and our mission. And, we love you. 

Cheers to 2018!

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